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CUCC Xuzhou 10000t/d Cement Production Line

1. Basic information

CUCC Xuzhou Cement Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary belongs to CUCC Corporation which was founded on June 1st 2006. CNBM and CUCC purchased it from Xuzhou Conch Cement Co., Ltd. After the enterprise handing over and smooth transition, according to develop plan of CNBM and CUCC group, CUCC Xuzhou schemed to build a second clinker production line of 10000t/d capacity with CNBM proprietary intellectual property rights inside the existing plant area, and entrusted Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd. to undertake core technology of clinker burning system research and whole construction design. After large quantity of preliminary work, this project gained “Authorized reply on CUCC Xuzhou Cement Co., Ltd. second line 10000t/d cement clinker production line and supporting low temperature waste heat regeneration integration engineering project” issued by Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission on Jan 12th 2009.

 This project held foundation stone laying ceremony on Jan 18th 2009 and started ground leveling work; civil construction started from September 2010; entered equipment erection period on May 2011; carried out single commissioning, control system commissioning and hot commissioning on December 2011; ignition on Mar 18th 2012 and carried out pre performance test on Mar 24th to 26th; passed the official performance test on May 9th to 11th.

 Under efficiency management by CUCC Xuzhou, not only the actual operation status exceeded performance test requirement, main production status also beyond the first line. Based on actual production situation, this project gained the first prize of 17th Outstanding Project Design Achievement Rewards on Building Material industry which was awarded by CBMPBS on 2013.

 2. Main technical difficulties and outstanding features

 1)Main technical difficulty of this project is the clinker burning system. Separation, heat exchange and stable problem on preheater enlargement, balance of temperature and material and air distribution, easy of material collapse and predissociation efficiency during calciner enlargement, and equipment reliability during kiln enlargement. Nanjing Kisen researched and adopted the comprehensive technology double series 5-stage cyclone preheater + online double spout calciner + tail expanding kiln and achieved success.

 2)An outstanding feature of this project is “reinforce the old with the new”, not only changed outdoor storage and shovel transportation of addictive and raw material in first line, but also improved the coal system as following: use two wind blow tube mill system in second coal powder preparation system, and achieved two vertical coal mills of first line supplied coal powder for kilns both line 1 and line 2; two tube coal mills of second line supplied coal powder for calciners both line 1 and line 2. This practical technical plan not only solved problems of line 1 like small calciner capacity, calciner temperature unbalanced, low decomposition rate at kiln entrance, kiln hard to be stable and system hard to operate. And reinforced clinker strength of line 1 to 1-2MPa, standard coal consumption of clinker declined 1-1.5kg/t-cl.

 3)Another main technical difficulty of this project is the application and expansion of high standard DCS control system and highly combination of self-control program and NC self-control circuit. Withal, project design proceeded with production process requirement, control allocation plan and reliability, through usage of fieldbus structure and bus structure instrument, reinforced data collection and accuracy, emphasized to enhance man-machine interaction of self-control system; meanwhile took example of experience by line one, made design optimization and improvement.

 3. Main production operation status

 Second line of 10000t/d clinker production line of CUCC Xuzhou was putting into commercial operation at the end of May 2012, average clinker production capacity of kiln system kept on 11500-11650t/d, average clinker coal consumption was 100.5-102kg/t-cl, clinker 28d strength was 56-58.5MPa, f-CaO in clinker ≤1.2% no less than 95% in production, average clinker power consumption from limestone crushing to clinker bulk was 57.5-58.6Wh/t-cl, temperature of first stage cyclone outlet in preheater was 295-303℃, outlet negative pressure was 5200-5400Pa.

 Since kiln system passed the performance test on May 2012, China Cement Association, domestic related cement group went CUCC Xuzhou Cement Co., Ltd to study. Leaders of CNBM and CUCC went to CUCC Xuzhou to discover production status many times, and spoke highly on this 10000t/d clinker production line withproprietary intellectual property rights.

 June 1st 2012, final acceptance ceremony of this 10000t/d clinker production line was held by CNBM and CUCC in CUCC Xuzhou Cement Co., Ltd. Leaders attended the ceremony agreed that: success of this 10000t/d clinker production line will be a remarkable project of CNBM and CUCC on “After enlarge the production capacity, Enhance technology as well”, and it will be a most important “enterprise image window” and a “international name card” of CNBM and CUCC.